The Real World

When you are a creative person, the tendency can sometimes be to escape the “real” world to live in an alternate realm of fantasy. Balancing the demands of making a buck with the desire to create something beautiful can tax the synapses of even the most energetic and resourceful guy. My intention is to reach that balance.

When you factor in the ever-changing landscape of New York City financial trends, you have got one heck of a heady cocktail, my friend! In this edition of The Art of Real Estate, listen to my take on the current climate (in the interview below). Also, take a journey to my imaginary land of Mu, which may be quite different from the one you are familiar with.

MailChimp_Inset_Rolland2My dear friend (and legendary journalist) Rolland Smith and I sat down recently and the conversation turned to subjects dear to my heart: Real Estate in New York and the state of the Art Market. I think you’ll be surprised at what I had to say. Click Here to hear the interview.

MailChimp_Inset_MuMy recent paintings centered around the imaginary land of Mu have been getting a lot of attention lately. A select few of these pieces will be shown at an art opening (along with fellow artist Annette Jaret) March 15 at New World Home Cooking in Saugerties.

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